Directors Report



e-Learning - Preparing our students now and for the future

elearning-screen.jpgCurrently, approximately 17% of ADSB secondary students are enrolled in an eLearning course.  The number has been increasing every year and is attributed to increased course offerings, more access for students and professional development for teachers.  With more and more colleges, universities and workplaces expecting their students or workforce to take courses online, the ADSB is committed in the future to providing every student with an experience in the LMS (Learning Management System) before graduation.
In 2013, I.E. Allen and J. Seaman released a report called Ten Years of Tracking Online Education in the U.S.  The report suggested that the number of students taking at least one online course increased by over 570,000 to a new total of 6.7 million in 2013.  The proportion of all students taking at least one online course is now at 32.0 percent. 
Three of the initiatives currently underway in ADSB to support our eLearning and Blended Learning strategy:

1.    ELearning Collaborative Inquiry with approximately 25 eLearning teachers.  This work focuses on supporting teachers to enhance their abilities to build a sense of community and collaboration online.  Teachers are currently working on developing rich learning tasks that promote deep thinking and higher levels of collaboration with the students and teachers with whom they are working. 
2.    ABLE Science Inquiry:  Grade 7 and 8 teachers are looking at ways to increase engagement and interest using technology to support science instruction.  Teachers from ADSB are working in a collaborative partnership with teachers in the Rainbow DSB to think deeply about how to use this technology to support engagement and interest in science and technology.
3.    Grade 10 Careers Studies teachers are introducing Blended Learning and the LMS management system to all students in the Board to ensure that all students are familiar with the LMS system so if they choose to take an eLearning course in the future, they will be well prepared first by their classroom teacher. 
We are preparing our students for the courses they are taking now and what they will be taking in the future. We appreciate the interest and dedication of our teachers who have really embraced this new learning.