Budget Highlights

The board approved a total operating budget for revenue and expenditures for the 2015-16 budget year in the amount of $145,897,168.
A detailed review of revenues and expenditures was conducted by Trustees, the Operations & Budget Committee, Principals and Administrative Council, as part of the budget process and the Board’s continued commitment to fiscal responsibility within a challenging economy.
The 2015-16 Budget does not include salary increases for staff, in accordance with Ministry wage-freeze provisions in effect until Collective Agreements could be negotiated.
The following enhancements were included in the 2015-16 Budget through a combination of reallocations of existing budgets and new Ministry funding: Increased Technology in Classrooms, Support and Professional Development for Technology Plan, Additional Support for Special Education Students, and Enhancements to School Budgets.
The Ministry also provided for the continued funding support for Full Day Kindergarten across all schools and approximately $6 million in Capital Projects to address the maintenance and improvement of facilities.