Directors Report



7 / 8 Programming In a 7-12 School Setting

The Algoma District School Board 7/8 Intermediate program has continued to thrive and now has multiple Grade 7 and 8 classrooms in each of four 7-12 schools including Central Algoma Secondary School (CASS) in Desbarats and  Korah, Superior Heights and White Pines in Sault Ste Marie.
Our Intermediate programs have always included academic, extra-curricular and leadership opportunities for all Grade 7 and 8 students as well as opportunities to reach ahead and obtain Grade 9 credits.  Teachers within the programs are able to take advantage of specialized classrooms in their schools for delivering subjects such as art, music, foods and technology.

 "She always been a good student. Now she’s more engaged. She’s always talking about what they’re doing with their hands in science. She loved the science fair. She loves the variety with the rotary and she’s learned to manage her time.” 

Parent's observation about daughter enrolled in Intermediate Program.

Leadership opportunities are plentiful in an Intermediate program.  Grade 7/8 students sit on various clubs and committees to represent intermediate student interests, from fundraising committees to school spirit days and environmental initiatives.  Grade 7/8 students have access to many sports including volleyball, basketball, floor hockey and other main stream sports.  Recently, Vice Principals shared that the students were enjoying other options such as fitness training, outdoor excursions, curling anad canoeing, depending on the school. 
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We are proud to share that the reach ahead opportunities are gaining momentum and we are seeing more and more students taking advantage of this opportunity.  Depending on timetable availability and in consultation with parents, Grade 8 students are able to reach ahead and take Grade 9 classes.  Obtaining a Grade 9 credit prior to entering high school can prove very advantageous.  Students become familiar with Grade 9 “work load”, they come to know where classrooms are situated, what high school teachers’ expectations are and opens opportunities for broader course selection in their senior years.
Overall students in the 7/8 Intermediate programs speak about how the program prepares them for high school making for a more gradual and seamless transition into secondary school.IMG_0525[1]_MacLab.jpg
Feedback from parents has been very positive about the Intermediate program.  Parents hear more about the school day from their children.  They’re pleased with the access to specialized classrooms and share that they notice an increased level of self-confidence.