Right To Play
Algoma District School Board has developed a close partnership with Right To Play, an organization that promotes character building, social justice, physical activity and giving back to the community.  In the last  12 months, ADSB students and staff have  taken part in several Play Academies led by Right To Play. DSC_0041_web.jpg
In March 2014, ADSB invited over 75 students from Grades 7 and 8 to take part in a training session led by RTP instructors. Students from 10 elementary schools spent a half day at FH Clergue along with 4 ADSB staff members and two RTP facilitators. 
Through simple games, the students developed leadership skills to bring back to their own schools and to empower other students to get involved. By the end of a busy and interactive day at the Academy, the students become Junior Leaders. These junior leaders, along with a teacher champion – create an action plan to take back to their school. In the spring, all schools participate in Today We Play – a celebration of leadership and community within their schools. This event is completely run by the students, as they teach the games to their school peers.
The aim of the training session (also known as the Play Academy) is to help students to feel confident in their ability to lead peers in games that educate about social justice, building character, the reward of giving back, and living an active lifestyle, while using newly developed facilitation skills with a focus on inclusion, teamwork and cooperation. 
ADSB continues their work with RTP.  This year we have 23 participating schools and 240 junior leaders were trained over a 2 day Play Academy. Davey Taylor, our Well-Being Assignment Teacher participated in the event and was thrilled with the respect and cooperation that the junior leaders demonstrated. “The students from grades 3 – 8 really demonstrated tremendous character and came up with some great ideas. It was incredible to watch the students step out of their comfort zone as the day progressed and take on the leadership role.”