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Elliot Lake Secondary School...Hard Work Conquers All!

Elliot Lake Secondary School (ELSS) first opened its doors in 1956, and it is still, today, a vital spirit inScienceGirls.jpg the community.

The culture of ELSS is most accurately reflected in its motto (Hard Work Conquers All) and by how we affectionately refer to our school community (Family & Friends). We believe in developing a growth mindset in our students and staff. This is a mindset that welcomes challenges and looks at failures as opportunities for growth, not as labels or judgments. We also believe that in order to have a growth mindset, we must feel secure and safe in our learning environment. In order to take learning risks, all other risks must be minimized.
Band.jpgWe are extremely proud to say that there is a place for everyone at ELSS. We boast a diverse set of pathways including our Pathways Program, Workplace Preparation Program, CO-OP, Specialist High Skills Major in Construction, Specialist High Skills Major in Hospitality and Tourism, and Workplace, College and University destinations. In addition, Grade 8 students from all of our local elementary schools are encouraged to take our Grade 9 Learning Strategies (GLS1O) course as well as our Summer Outdoor Education programs. 
Moreover, we have a powerful Student Success Team which continuously monitors student progress and intervenes where appropriate. Our students are recognized for achievements in academics, athletics, service, and the arts at monthly Recognition Assemblies, and each student who reaches a certain level of participation is awarded a pin during the school year and then a medal at graduation. We encourage senior students to become Peer Tutors and to take a Leadership course. We are also proud of our yearly EQAO Grade 9 Math and Grade 10 Literacy scores which consistently rank among the highest results in the region.  Through opportunities and supports, and with the dedication of our outstanding staff and community partners, every student finds suitable and superb learning oppoP2251273.JPGrtunities.
We also take pride in our extensive extracurricular program. The successes of our Atoms in such varsity sports as basketball, badminton, volleyball, golf, cross-country, curling, and wrestling reflect our school motto and we have an excellent intramural program that runs during most lunch periods. In addition, clubs such as Reach for the Top, Games, Outdoors, Students for Students, Exercise, and Anime offer our students more options. We also have a Gay Straight Alliance (GSA); we helped to kick-off the first ever Pride Weekend in our home community and we continue to be a part of it. If students have an interest that they would like to explore, and it is not currently offered as an option at ELSS, we work with students to create an opportunity. We believe that a strong connection to school is fostered through participation in class and outside of class in school activities.
ELSS is also home to many community-based charity events. This is both a statement on our values and a statement on how the community views our school. It is seen as a hub in our community and a place where the community finds partnership and support. We are very proud to be recognized in this way.
What we are most proud of at ELSS, is that our students and their families, our staff, and our community feel very much a part of ELSS Family & Friends. It is through these relationships that we develop opportunities and find strength, perseverance, and ultimately success together!

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