Technology In Use

The Algoma District School Board is committed to providing and preserving a technologically advanced learning environment and encourages all students to be proficient with the uses of modern technology. The Algoma District School Board recognizes the need for advanced information technology and diverse software to meet expectations and support the implementation of The Kindergarten Program and The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1 to 8.

Computer technology is extensively integrated into The Kindergarten Program and The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1 to 8, to provide students with enriched learning experiences and the development of computer technology skills. Computers is not a designated subject in the Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1 to 8; but, the curriculum is clearly documented with opportunities where the computer should play an important role in student learning and achievement. In order for students to meet the Ontario Curriculum Expectations relating to computer use, development of computer skills is required.

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Algoma IMG_0588.jpgDistrict School Board's   Elementary Computer Curriculum

 The "Algoma District School Board’s Elementary Computer Curriculum" identifies the Kindergarten Program Expectations and the Ontario Curriculum Expectations, Grades 1-8 that address the use of computers in the classroom. This document also identifies Computer Skill Development for the Primary, Junior, and Intermediate divisions. The computer skills mentioned in the divisional sections are recognized as a guide to assist teachers in providing a developmental and sequential program for students to acquire computer technology skills. Grade appropriate resources licensed by the Algoma District School Board accompany each Grade Expectation list and Computer Skill Development strand. In addition, Suggested Classroom Strategies in each of the Primary, Junior, and Intermediate divisions are offered to assist teachers in using computers effectively in the classroom to meet curriculum expectations.
Five Strands of Computer Use in the Classroom
The "ADSB Elementary Computer Curriculum" document identifies five strands of computer use in the classroom:
1.    Computer Operation
2.    Writing/Publishing
3.    Multimedia
4.    Research/Information Literacy
5.    Curriculum Support