Educational Technology Leads (ETLs)

In the development of our Educational Technology Plan and the ADSB Strategic Plan, job embedded professional learning opportunities to support the integration of technology as a teaching and learning tool has been identified as a priority.  Our priority is enhanced by Fullan and Langworthy’s research report, A Rich Seam which notes that: “learning partners use technology to construct knowledge, to investigate and solve real problems, to give each other feedback and assess one another’s work, to collaborate beyond the boundaries of the classroom and the school day, and to communicate with peers, experts and others throughout the world” (p.33) and that “Technology … is pervasive and it is used to discover and master content knowledge and to enable the deep learning goals of creating and using new knowledge in the world.” (p.3)
We recognize the importance of building capacity, and of having a lead person to assist teachers with integrating technology into their deep learning tasks and assessment practices to increase student engagement and to accelerate learning.