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Algoma District School Board participants take part in Ivey Leadership Series focused on building effective leadership

In November (2016) Frank Palumbo, Principal at Tarentorus PS, Kristen Viita, Principal of Central Algoma JK-6 School, and Maurice Dugas, Principal at Parkland PS recently shared an overview on an executive leadership session they recently attended in Toronto with other ADSB colleagues.

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This was a rigorous two day executive development session for supervisory officers and Principals/Vice-Principals to explore the impact leadership has on relationships in the workplace.  Participants were required to be highly engaged throughout the entire two days – a total of 20 hours - of intensive activities geared to enhancing effective leadership potential.

Participants developed their leadership skills by refining their conflict resolution strategies through a series of case studies related to the business world.  Administrators were given opportunities to grow as leaders, specifically identifying their own strengths and needs when faced with stressful situations. The session focused on independent, pair and large group activities centered on addressing conflict and building relationships, collaboration, teamwork and synergy and multiparty negotiation.

Kristen Viita came away from the leadership training with a better understanding of how our decisions and actions will change depending upon the nature of the situation, for instance leadership styles and reactions will differ if and when a person is feeling comfortable and competent as opposed to feeling stressed and uncomfortable.  “It was a good challenge for me to recognize areas that I can continue to grow as a leader.  In particular taking advantage of opportunities presented that involve working outside of my comfort zone in order to improve my skills in becoming a more effective leader.”

Participates will attend a second session in the new year called “Leadership Re-Set: Stop Winding the Same Old Watch” at which they will examine cutting edge organizations that thrive in more competitive contexts and from that develop a stronger understanding of team work and tapping into individual team members’ strengths. A third session will be held in March titled “Effective Leaders – Effective Decisions.”