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The Algoma District School Board is committed to:
·         maintaining an Accessibility Steering Committee;
·         ensuring school board policies and procedures are consistent with the principles of accessibility
·         developing plans to address children’s’ rehabilitation through accessibility;
·         consulting with people with disabilities in the development and review of its annual accessibility plans; and
·         improving access to facilities, policies, programs, practices and services for students, parents/guardians,  staff, volunteers and members of the community.
The Director of Education has authorized the Accessibility Steering Committee to prepare an accessibility plan that will enable the Algoma District School Board to meet these commitments.

Additional Information: 
  1. Accessibility Standards for Customer Service, Policy #6.53​
  2. Accessibility Plan 2013-2018 (Revised May 2015)
  3. Accessibility Committee 2016
  4. Barrier Free Spaces - Questionnaire and Checklist
  5. Accessible Schools - A Powerpoint Presentation        
  6. Ontario Human Rights 101 (Powerpoint)
  7. The TeachAble Project                                                      


Accessibility Standards for Customer Service:

The Algoma District School Board is committed to providing an environment in all of its facilities that ensures independence, dignity and respect for our students, parents/guardians, the public and our staff. Further, we are committed to providing people with disabilities the same opportunity of access to our services in the same location and in a similar way as these services are available to all others.

As part of this commitment all Algoma District School Board staff will have access to training for the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service through Ontario Education Services Corporation (OESC).

ADSB staff are able to access this training through the Ontario Education Services Corporation​​ website.