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Algoma District School Board of Trustees


Front row left to right: Trustees Sandra Edwards, Vice-Chair as of December 2016 Sheryl Evans-Price, Vice-Chair up till December 2016 Gladys Wiggins, Chair Jennifer Sarlo, Susan Thayer, Karen Morin and Elaine Johnson. Back row left to right: Trustees Graham Lidstone, Brent Rankin,  Robert McEachren and Russell Reid.

Student Trustees 2016 / 2017

2016-11-15 16.49.54.jpg DSC_0073.JPG
Benn Fisher (White Pines C&VS)                     Karlee Reece (Superior Heights C&VS)

Senior Administration

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Left to right: Superintendent of Business Joe Santa Maria, Superintendent Brenda O'Neill, Director of Education Lucia Reece, Superintendents Joe Maurice, Marcy Bell and Brent Vallee.

In December we said farewell to Superintendent Brenda O'Neill as she began her retirement.