About Us




Chair Jennifer Sarlo:


As one of the lead learners within the Algoma District School Board, I am continually amazed at the passion of our administrators, the dedication of our staff and the incredible capacity of our students to confidently learn and grow!

When we all see ourselves as students, we will constantly be looking for opportunities to glean information, feedback and knowledge from others to broaden our perspectives and experiences. Moving towards a culture of continuous feedback throughout our board is having an impact system wide from the board table, in our schools, classrooms and ultimately having a positive effect on student learning. I am excited about the potential impacts on our students as we drill deeper into this approach in the coming year.

This past year as a board of trustees we were engaged in a book study called Mindset by Carol Dweck. It was an enlightening study for us who are seeking to support learning in our schools. It enabled us to personally reflect on our own mindset and how we can adjust it to positively impact those we work and live with!

As a board, responsible to the Ministry of Education for the achievement, well-being and safety of our students, we are thankful to be part of Team ADSB that is learning and growing in an environment marked by collaboration and distributive leadership. I look forward to continuing to focus on our priorities of Achievement, Well-Being and Engagement as we seek to Build Confident Learners and Caring Citizens.