About Us



​​Director Lucia Reece:


Continuous Improvement … over the past year, as we continued to focus on our priorities of Achievement, Well-Being and Engagement, we kept these two words, continuous improvement, at the forefront.  We regularly take stock of where we are in each of our priority areas and then ask ourselves the question, “What’s next?”  Our commitment to continuous improvement is a commitment to learning and a commitment to always striving to be the best that we can be.  I can think of no better example to set for our learners.

It is a privilege to work with our Board of Trustees, staff and stakeholders, to ensure that our graduates are “Confident learners, caring citizens.”  Through our commitment to innovative and quality programs, we provide our students with a strong academic foundation, support their development of good character and citizenship, and build their confidence and capacity to apply their knowledge in an ever-changing world.  We are equally dedicated to ensuring our staff have the tools and learning opportunities necessary to deliver quality learning experiences and to create learning environments that are innovative, engaging and foster creative thinking and problem-solving. 

As a School Board and as a teaching and learning organization, we are proud to share some of our teaching and learning stories of the past year.  I hope you enjoy this report and the snapshots it provides into the many wonderful teaching and learning opportunities happening across our district and that you will see why, every day, we are “Proud to be … ADSB!”​