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Walking the Path 

Walking the Path is a program that teaches Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal youth about the history, beliefs and cultural traditions of Aboriginal peoples.

It was developed and supported by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) using Anishinaabe cultural teachings.  The program promotes self-esteem, self-concept and respect for others and is designed to support youth in a safe, structured learning environment with planned learning initiatives. 

Walking the Path is run over a ten week period and includes a review of character education virtues.  It also provides opportunities for a student to develop leadership skills and its strategies are linked to the Ontario curriculum from grades 1 to 12.
Aboriginal-PLC_O-018.jpgBeing offered within the board since 2011, Walking the Path has been presented at various schools within the Algoma District School Board.  It has been facilitated by trained Walking the Path facilitators from the Ingidenous Friendship Centre, staff here in Sault Ste Marie and our FNMI Special Assignment Teacher, Carol Trudeau-McEwan (pictured left).