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Algoma District School Board Senior Administration


Lucia Reece for web 2018 Dec 0038.jpg
Lucia Reece
P: 705.945.7234
Director of Education
Joe Santa Maria for web 2018 Dec 0050 (1).jpg
Joe Santa Maria
P: 705.945.7233
Executive Supe​rintendent of
Business and Operations

Joe Maurice for web 2018 Dec 0022 (1).jpg
Joe Maurice
P: 705.945.7245
Superintendent of Education

Brent Vallee for web 2018 Dec 0072 (1).jpg
Brent Vallee
P: 705.945.7297
Superintendent of Education

Marcy Bell for web 2018 Dec 0051 (1).jpg
Marcy Bell
P: 705-945-7235
Superintendent of Education

Frank Palumbo for web  2018 Dec 0068 (1).jpg
Frank Palumbo
P: 705.945.7111
Superintendent of Human Resources