Bullying Prevention

Bullying prevention is a focus in Algoma District School Board schools all year long. With our on-going focus on Character Education, students, staff and administration demonstrate through actions and words that tolerance, kindness and inclusiveness is at the forefront. The Board aims to foster self-esteem, academic success, inclusion, acceptance, respect for self and others, and connection to community – all of which are key elements of bullying prevention.
We are so pleased that community members throughout the Algoma District continue to join us on Pink Shirt Day. We have had restaurant staff and bus drivers, financial institutions and law offices joining us in wearing pink on Pink Shirt Day and we encourage our communities to do so again this year. We recognize what a key role our community partners play in bullying prevention.
Pink Shirt Day originated in Nova Scotia, when a grade 9 boy was bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school. Upset by what they saw, two older male students wore pink shirts to school the next day. The students went further, purchasing pink shirts and handing them out to the student body. Suddenly, everyone in the school had pink shirts on and the support for one young student was clear.
For more information about Pink Shirt Day activities you can visit the Pink Shirt Day website at