Athletic Turf Field

August 2013 marked the official opening of the newly laid and highly anticipated artificial turf field located at Superior Heights Collegiate & Vocational School.  This is the city’s first multi-use, all-weather, artificial turf field.  Situated centrally at 750 North Street, this new athletic facility allows teams and individuals to take part in recreational activities from April until November. 
With plans under way for the construction of the John Faught Fieldhouse, this fully lit complex will now allow our community to facilitate elite competitive outdoor team tournaments as well as major community outdoor projects, events, sports clinics, and camps.  Algoma District School Board is able to host events such as City and NOSSA football and soccer while emerging sports will also be able to access these first-class facilities which may assist in the growth of these games.
Artificial turf is extremely durable and with extensive use makes it a safe surface for athletes of all calibres.  The Northern Ontario climate produces significant wear and tear on our grass sports fields and places restrictions on field use in our area at certain periods of time.  The opening of this venue is allowing greater access to outdoor sports through the Spring and Fall seasons. 
Superior Heights Turf Field_Aug2013.jpg


The turf field situated next to Superior Heights Collegiate & Vocational School is pleased to offer the SH scoreboard.jpg
following amenities:

  • Parking Lot (236 Spaces including 8 handicap spots
  • Accessible by bus  
  • Fully Accessible
  • Bleacher seating
  • Digital Scoreboard
  • Fully lit playing field
With the completion of the newly constructed   Sgt. John Faught Fieldhouse,facilities include:
  • Change rooms with showers
  • Washrooms
  • Concession
  • Ticket Booth
  • Media Viewing balcony 


Rates for use of Turf Field

Regular Commercial Rates (plus HST)
Hourly Rate                 $83      Total without clock/PA          $93 + 13% = $105.09
Capital Reserve          $10
Clock (Optional)          $10
PA/Audio (Optional)    $10      Total with clock/PA               $113 + 13% = $127.69
For long term rental agreements please contact Seth Cond for further information.

Phone: 705-945-7177

Booking Process
We are offering the rental of the Athletic Turf Field through a new, user friendly, online reservation process called eBase Community Use of Schools System. 
Here's where to get started:
For long term rental agreements of the field please contact Seth Cond for further information.
Phone: 705-945-7177

Rules of Use

Players Rules:
  • Only water is allowed on turf
  • Protect your artificial turf, field use by permit only
  • No metal cleates
  • No spectators on turf.
  • No food
  • No littering
  • No smoking
  • No cycling
  • No camping chairs
  • No tents
  • No sports drinks
  • No sunflower seeds

Spectator Rules:
  • Absolutely no spectators on artificial turf
  • Protect your artificial turf
  • No metal cleates
  • No spectators on turf.
  • No food
  • No smoking
  • No cycling
  • No camping chairs
  • No sports drinks
  • No sunflower seeds
  • No Pets
  • No baby carriages