Anyone with school age children knows that teaching methods in math have changed significantly since they were in school.  This can prove intimidating to some parents and leave others wondering how they can support their children in learning math.  

Dr. Marian Small was in Sault Ste Marie to help address these issues. Marion Small is an author and International Professional Development Consultant for Improved Mathematics Education.  She devotes her time to helping schools improve K-12 mathematics instruction AND to helping parents understand new methods in math.

Dr. Small recognizes that parents are concerned about what their kids are learning in math because it looks different than what they may remember.  As Dr. Small confirms, “This is not the math that parents learned” and she helps to explain that the focus now is more on understanding and less on memorization. 

Dr. Marian Small, presented two free sessions for parents in March at Superior Heights.  The PowerPoint presentations she shared are available by following the links to the right.

The parent sessions are meant to help parents feel more positive when it comes to math and less worried.  “What we were doing wasn’t working because people were afraid of math, they were bored and they weren’t enjoying math,” Dr. Marion Small has said. The focus of the free sessions is to explain why things have changed.  She hopes that parents will leave the sessions with the tools and resources to help their children succeed in math.

Dr. Small has been an educator for over 40 years and has taught every level from grade school to university. She has authored dozens of books including seven textbook series for grades Kindergarten through 12. Her books and methods are used in Canada, the U.S., Austria and elsewhere around the world.

Dr. Small’s visit to Algoma District School Board was made possible by the combined efforts of the ADSB and the Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) who secured a Parents Reaching Out (PRO) Grant.

A list of Dr. Marian Small’s books is available on her website:​.