​​​​Power Down & Play Family Contest & Challenge!

ADSB Families!
We are looking for your involvement to support physical literacy, skill development and to reduce screen time.  We are encouraging ADSB families to “power down” your devices and to “play” by engaging in a sport, a bean bag toss game,  a board game,  a puzzle, or a walk or hike to a neighbourhood park...anything at all that gets you moving (mentally or physically)!

Send us a photo, short video clip or message demonstrating or explaining what your family did to reduce screen time.  Be sure to tell include your first and last name and what school your child attends.  Your family will be entered into a draw to win 4 Soo Greyhounds Tickets!  

When you're ready to upload your photo or video, CLICK HERE​.

Don't forget to include your name and child's school.  Find clever ways to do this - hold up a sign in the photo or record the information in the video.  Don't worry, no one will see the entries or your name other than the contest coordinator. 

If you'd like to send a simple email (no attachments) you can send it to:​ 

Contest runs from November 1st – November 29th so you have lots of time to share, but most of all, ENJOY the family time!  

Brooke Reynolds, Parent Involvement Committee​