Co-operative Education

Picture: Co-operative Education
Students who take part in Co-operative Education (Co-op) are able to: 

- Explore careers while earning credits toward a high school diploma

- Integrate theory with a practical work experience placement

- Develop an understanding of employer expectations

- Strengthen employment skills

- Make more effective educational and career decisions

- Develop maturity and self-confidence

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A bit of background...
The Cooperative Education program began in 1981 with 17 students in business studies. Today, the program continues to thrive with an enrolment in excess of 500 students placed in a variety of professions and occupations in the community.
This program, as it exists in its present state, serves the needs of all students and emphasizes four destinations upon completion of high school – university, college, apprenticeship, and
the workplace. No matter what destination students choose after high school, most of them will eventually end up in the work force. Helping them make informed career decisions is fundamental to their success. With workplace experience, students are better prepared to make the transition from high school to work, training, apprenticeship, college and university.