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The Ontario Curriculum: French As a Second Language

The Ontario Curriculum document set out the minimum expectations that all students in English language elementary schools are required to achieve in French as a second language in the context of Core French, Extended French or French Immersion programs offered at the elementary and secondary level.

The curriculum outlines the required knowledge and skills for each grade from Grade 4 to 8 in a Core French program, and for each grade from Grade 4 to 8 in an Extended French program and for each grade from Grade 1 to Grade 8 in a French Immersion Program.

Algoma District School Board’s French as a Second Language programs are based on the curriculum expectations outlined in the documents listed on this page.


French As a Second Language, 2013:  Core French, Grade 4-8; Extended French, Grades 4-8; French Immersion, Grades 1-8