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Our French Immersion Schools

In a French Immersion program, French must be the language of instruction for a minimum of 50 per cent of the instructional time at every grade level of the program. Immersion programs must include the study of French as a second language and the study of at least two other subjects taught in French. Immersion programs must provide a minimum of 3800 hours of instruction in French by the end of Grade 8.
For subjects other than FSL that are taught in French in a French Immersion program, the content and expectations in each grade are those outlined in the English-language curriculum policy documents.
French Immersion is designed specifically for students whose mother tongue is not French. In the French Immersion program students are provided the opportunity to become functionally bilingual through maximum exposure to French.
In our French Immersion program, all communication with parents, including report cards, is in English so that you are well informed of what is happening at your child's school.

Elementary French Immersion

Francis H. Clergue French Immersion Public School (Sault Ste. Marie)
Kindergarten to Grade 3
There are over 600 students enrolled at this unique elementary French Immersion public school in Sault Ste. Marie. The school community consists of JK/SK and the primary Grades 1 - 3. Students are exposed to French in JK/SK with a gradual increase to 100%. Students receive 100% instruction in French in Grades 1 to 2 with formal instruction of English Language Art starting in Grade 3. Students pursue their French Immersion studies at Rosedale French Immersion School from Grades 4-8 and at Superior Heights C. &. VS at the secondary level.
Contact Francis H. Clergue at
705-945-7136 for more information about the French Immersion Program.
Rosedale Public School (Sault Ste. Marie)
Grades 4 to 8
With a student enrollment of approximately 380, Rosedale provides French Immersion instruction to Sault Ste. Marie’s Grades 4 to 8 students. Instruction in French varies in this Junior/Intermediate school from 80% in Grade 4 to 70% in Grade 5. In Grade 6 instruction is divided equally between French and English. In Grade 6, Math instruction in English begins. Science in English is introduced in Grades 7 and 8. Students continue their French Immersion studies at Superior Heights Collegiate and Vocational School with full programming from Grade 9 to 12.
Contact Rosedale P.S. at 705-945-7149 for more information about the French Immersion Program.
Kindergarten to Grade 8
Located in Elliot Lake, this French Immersion school houses over 150 students, who receive 50% of their daily instruction in French from Kindergarten through Grade 8. Mathematics instruction is delivered in English at all grades at Esten Park. French is the language of instruction for Science from Grades 1 to 6, after which students in Grades 7 and 8 begin to study this subject in English. Students leaving Esten Park Public School may choose to continue studying in the Extended French Program French Immersion programming at Elliot Lake Secondary School.
Contact Esten Park at 705-848-2601 for more information about the French Immersion Program.




 Secondary French Immersion

Superior Heights Collegiate & Vocational School (Sault Ste. Marie) Grades 9 to 12

The French Immersion program is an integral part of Superior Heights and students in the program participate in all activities, sports and committees along with the rest of the school population.
This dual-track secondary school houses Sault Ste. Marie’s French Immersion students. Offering the required credits in Français from Grades 9 through 12, as well as a wide range of subjects delivered in French, including Alimentation & Nutrition, Technologie informatique, Histoire, Géographie et Sociologie, students may opt to graduate with a French Immersion certificate upon completion of at least ten secondary French Immersion credits - many students exceed this minimum. Check our page in the Secondary Common Course Calendar for full details. 
Contact Superior Heights at 705-945-7177 for more information about the  French Immersion program. 
Elliot Lake Secondary School (Elliot Lake)
Grades 9 to 12
Students in Elliot Lake who have completed the elementary French Immersion program at Esten Park Public School or who have completed an Extended French program, French Immersion program, or French program at any other elementary school, may opt to continue in an Extended French program at Elliot Lake Secondary School, subject to course availability. By completing one credit in Français each year from Grade 9 through 12, as well as a 3 courses in other subject areas, which must be studied in French, these students will have earned the seven secondary credits required by the Ontario Ministry of Education for an Extended French certificate. Contact Elliot Lake Secondary School
705-848-7162 for more information about the Extended French program.