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Intermediate 7/8 Program 

To find out more about our growing Intermediate 7-8 program, please contact our schools or click on the school links below.
Principal - Sergio Iacoe
Vice Principal Intermediate Program - Regan Hagen
Phone #: 705-945-7180
Fax #: 705-945-0750

Principal - Jan Marrelli
Vice Principal Intermediate Program - James Kerr
Phone #: 705-945-7177
Fax #: 705-945-7170

Principal - Michael McCabe
Vice Principal Intermediate Program - Natasha Court / Acting Joe Caruso
Phone #: 705-945-7181
Fax #: 705-945-0726

Principal - Grant Kahtava  
Vice Principal Intermediate Program - Michael Lefebvre
Phone #: 705-782-6263
Fax #: 705-782-4288

The Intermediate Program is now available to Grade 7 and 8 students at all three of our Sault Ste Marie high schools – Korah, Superior Heights and White Pines - and at Central Algoma Secondary School (CASS) in Desbarats. The intermediate program has been designed to give students a gradual, supervised transition into secondary school within a high school setting.

Students experience a partial rotary timetable, which makes the transition to a secondary school routine easier. Grade 7 and 8 students find themselves in a supervised, safe and somewhat more mature learning environment that includes specialty rooms, lockers, a cafeteria, athletics, extra-curricular clubs and laptop technology.

Depending on timetable availability, Grade 8 students (in consultation with parents) can reach ahead and take a Grade 9 class. They receive credit for the course giving them a head start in high school. Strong relationships with caring adults are important. Grade 9 students often reach back to access their Grade 7 and 8 teachers for academic advice, counseling and support in their Grade 9 and 10 years.


What do you do with a group of Grade 6 students who is rapidly losing interest in school for reasons ranging from bullying and academic struggles to boredom and lack of resources?  Simple: Make learning fresh and new by sending them to high school.  Read on to find out why this tactic is working wonders in the Algoma District School Board.

by Leanne Miller, OCT 

Find out what “Professionally Speaking" had to say about "Algoma's Approach" to the Intermediate Program. (It is the magazine of the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT).)