School Programs



Literacy: Kindergarten - Grade 3

Comprehensive Literacy
Comprehensive literacy is purposefully planned, focused, and explicit instruction in Reading, Writing, Oral Language, and Media Literacy, using assessment information to identify student needs, determine their starting points and monitor their ongoing literacy development. Grounded in research, this intentional approach helps students become strategic, motivated, and independent learners.

Literacy Success Leaders
Teacher_Studentat-board.jpgThe Literacy Success Model, currently in place in many Algoma District Schools, is based on the premise that all students can achieve given sufficient time and support. This research-based initiative fosters collaborative teacher relationships involving coaching and mentoring. It ensures that the best instructional practices are used to improve student achievement by focusing on differentiated instruction and supporting small flexible student groupings.

Primary InterventionStudent_Notebook.jpg
Primary Intervention focuses on the development of essential language skills needed for reading by providing early intervention for selected students in Senior Kindergarten to Grade 3. Groups of approximately eight students are immersed in a print rich environment for 45-75 minutes of daily reading instruction. This direct, concentrated instruction meets student needs and provides immediate teacher feedback, enabling students to become more confident learners.