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Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test

All students who enter Grade 9 in the 2000 - 2001 school year or in subsequent years                                               must successfully complete the provincial secondary school literacy test in order to earn                                                a secondary school diploma. Students will normally be administered the literacy test when                                           they are in Grade 10. The test is based on Ontario curriculum expectations for language                                              and communication, particularly reading and writing, up to and including Grade 9.                                                        The Otario Secondary School Literacy test is typically administered in January of each year.

The test will identify areas for remediation for students who are unsuccessful in completing                                        the test.  Students who write the test, but do not succeed, must re-take the test and complete                                      it successfully, or successfully complete the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (OSSLC)                                  in order to qualify for a secondary school diploma. There is no limit to the number of times the                                    test may be re-taken.

Students who are receiving special education programs and services and who have an                                       Individual Education Plan  may receive the accommodations set out in the student's IEP.

The EQAO website provides answers to frequently asked questions and also provides                                     preparation materials that  parents and students can access at home to help prepare for the test.