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Principal’s Message

Hello! It is with much excitement that I write this letter of introduction to you as the newly appointed Principal of Anna McCrea. As I have walked the halls in the past week I cannot express how much of an honour I feel it is to become part of such a caring community so committed to excellence. I look forward to working with all of you to promote student achievement and well-being.
I have held many different positions in education working as far north as Moosonee and as far south as Toronto, and, finally I have landed in my hometown, Sault Ste Marie! I invite you to visit me any time if you would like to know more about my experiences but I thought here I would share some of my core beliefs about education.
·         Students learn in an environment where they feel safe and where they feel that they have a voice
·         All students deserve equal access to a quality education
·         Everyone should try to be the best that they can be on any given day
·         The actions that we permit are the values that we promote
·         It is a privilege to work in the field of education
I look forward to meeting you all as I am eager to learn more about you and your children so that I can better support our students to become lifelong learners and caring citizens. See you soon!

S. Kingston