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Academic Dishonesty, Plagiarism, Cheating
Loss of marks—zero on assignment -
suspension and parent contact
Accidental Property Damage
Restitution—parent contact
Alcohol/Drug Use or Possession
Suspension—police contact–counseling
Alcohol or Drug Dealing/Trafficking
Counseling automatic suspension—expulsion
Abuse of Computer/Technology Resources
Detention—removal of computer privileges—suspension
Bullying/Harassment (Sexual, verbal, racial, hate-motivated, cyber)
Counseling—suspension—parent or police contact—expulsion
Defying authority, insolence, profane language
Apology—detention—suspension—parent contact
Displays of Affection
Warning—parent contact—detention—suspension
Fighting/Physical confrontation or interference
Suspension—parent contact—possible police contact—counseling—expulsion
Firecrackers (possession/setting off)
Parent contact—suspension
Loss of Textbooks/Library material
Pay value of lost item
False Reporting (ie Pulling Fire Alarm calling 911, false allegations
Suspension—expulsion—referral to police
Safety Violations
Detention—parent contact—suspension—removal
Skipping Classes
Detention—suspension—parent contact—counseling
Smoking on School Property
Suspension—possible fine
Swearing at teacher or another person in authority
Apology—parent contact—suspension
Test/exam/assignment missed for non-valid reason
Zero on test/exam/assignment
Warning—police contact—possible suspension
Police contact—parent contact—suspension—expulsion
Vandalism (including graffiti)
Parent contact—police contact—suspension—expulsion
Weapon possession
Weapon confiscation—suspension—expulsion—police contact
These consequences apply at all school functions in any location.
While the chart reflects what the consequences will normally be, unique circumstances may result in modifications.