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Mrs Tara Acorn                           Early Learning Kindergarten Program Teacher
Mrs. Becky Wigmore                   Early Learning Kindergarten Program R.E.C.E
Mrs. Sarah Missere                     Early Learning Kindergarten Program Teacher
Ms. Tracie Bruce                         Early Learning Kindergarten Program R.E.C.E
Mrs. Tanya Halcrow                    Grade SK/One
Mrs. Christine Whillans               Grade One (am)
Mrs. Marney Lavoie                    Grade One (pm)
Ms. Janie Krivan                         Grade Two
Mrs. Annette Kazmierczak          Grade Two/Three
Ms. Emily Etchells                       Grade Three/Four
Mr. Rob North                             Grade Four/Five
Mrs. Agostina Patterson              Grade Five/Six (Vice-Principal)
Mr. Michael McKinley                 Grade Six/Seven
Mr. Grant Grbich                         Grade Seven/Eight 
Mme. Angela Coccimiglio           French as a Second Language/Phys. Ed.
Ms. Maureen Baldwin                 Special Education Resource Teacher 
Mrs. Jennifer McQueen              Teacher of Phys. Ed. and arts
Mrs. Lauren Amin                      Teacher of the Arts
Mr. David Dick                            Principal
Educational Assistants:   Mrs. Sonia Gioa, Mrs. Wendy Wier, Mrs. Christine Newman, Mrs. Cindy Hertz
Support Staff:
Mrs. Laurie Vert                          Secretary
Mr. Anthony Aceti                       Facility Manager
Mrs. Kim Lund                            Facility Manager (Evenings)
Ms. Marnie Tarantini                  School & Attendance Counsellor
Mrs. Donna DiAngelo, Mrs. Renee Rouleau     Library Tech.