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River View Public School Staff
Staff Position Staff Name ​Email Contact
​Principal​ Mr. Pearson ​
​Secretary ​​Mrs. Mitchell ​
​Early Learning Program Teacher Mrs. O'Brien
​Early Learning Program ECE Ms. Thibault
Grade 1/2 Teacher​ Mrs. Spina
Grade 2/3 Teacher​ Mrs. Pietrazkowski
Grade 3/4 Teacher ​Ms. Kangas
Grade 4/5 Teacher ​Ms. Palazzi
Arts Release Teacher ​Mrs. Vaillancourt
Grade 6/7 ​Mr. French
Grade 7/8 ​Mr. Scoffield
Teacher of the Deaf ​Mrs. Bailey
French as a Second Language Teacher M. Dzyngel
Special Education Resource Teacher ​Ms. Labine
Junior/Intermediate Behaviour Program Teacher ​Mr. Matthews
​Parenting and Family Literacy Centre Teacher ​Ms. Mantulak
Educational Assistants ​Mrs. Bird-Thompson
Mrs. Gasparetto
​Mrs. Connor
​Ms. McKay
​Ms. Amelotte
​Ms. Beach
Custodial Staff ​Mr. Mclarty
​Ms. Nichol
Counsellor ​Ms. Thomson
Library Technician Mrs. Rouleau
​Noon Hour Assistants ​Ms. Mowbray
​Ms. Hilderly
​Mrs. Bugyra
​Mrs. Frost