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W. C. Eaket Secondary School Staff
Brian Beauchamp, principal (
Kayla Fairbrother (​
Subject Area Heads                                                   
Lois Jones, Student Services                                  
David Posteraro, Technologies                                               
Mary Ann Swan, Math/Science 
Gaby Rosilius, Math/Science                               
Mark Tarantini, Healthy Active Living/Social Sciences/Arts/Languages
Al Wright, Healthy Active Living/Social Sciences/ Arts/Languages
Cathy Membury, Special Education Resource Teacher
Randy Sloat, Student Success Teacher
Rob Harrison (
Lois Jones (
Matt Lance (
Cathy Membury (
Jim Raddon (
Gaby Rosilius (
Carrie Rousselle (
Randy Sloat (
Mary Ann Swan (
Mark Tarantini (
Natalie Tulloch (
Support Staff
Christine Tulloch, educational assistant (
Susan Horwath, senior secretary (
Debbie Trudel, coordinating secretary (
Shelley Shamas, school and attendance couselor (
Joan Morningstar, traditional mentor worker (  
Sarah Bressan, school nurse
Jeff Mitchell, custodial contractor (