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child maths"In order for students to achieve excellence in an area like mathematics, there must be a balance between understanding basic math concepts, practicing skills like multiplication tables, and developing the thinking skills needed for advanced problem solving. These foundational skills remain a focus - and combined with creativity and critical thinking, innovative problem solving, effective communication and collaboration, they lead to excellence."

Achieving Excellence: A Renewed Vision for Education in Ontario, April 2014

Algoma District School Board's Beliefs for Effective Mathematics Instruction:
· All students will achieve success
· Instruction is based on the evidence of sound research that has been verified by classroom practice
· All students will develop a fundamental understanding of mathematical concepts
· A positive attitude and classroom environment is the foundation of life-long learning in mathematics.
Adapted from A Guide to Effective Instruction in Mathematics, Volume 1

Growth Mindsets and Mathematics
"…[M]eaningful work can also teach students to love challenges, to enjoy effort, to be resilient, and to value their own improvement. In other words, we can design and present learning tasks in a way that helps students develop a growth mindset, which leads to not just short-term achievement but also long-term success." (Dweck, "Even Geniuses")