Aviation and Aerospace Specialist High Skills Major Program

The Aviation and Aerospace Specialist High Skills Major program allows students to focus their high school learning on the Aviation and Aerospace sector, while meeting the requirements for secondary graduation.
Students will:
- Learn sector-specific skills and knowledge in a hands-on, career-related learning environment with others who have the same goals and career expectations.
- Earn industry recognized certifications and training. (eg. Standard First Aid, CPR, WHMIS, Fall Protection, Working at Heights, GPS, Confined Space Awareness)
- Complete the Transportation Technology: Light Aircraft and sector specific Cooperative Education credits at the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre. (The classroom is in one of Canada’s oldest Aircraft Hangers, built in 1924.)
- Participate in the Sault College Dual Credit Program.
- Be provided with transportation to the Bushplane Centre.
Aviation and Aerospace SHSM will focus on preparing students for careers in many industries:
o Aircraft Maintenance and Repair
o Air Traffic Control
o Avionics
o Pilot Training
o Flight Operations
o Airport Services
o Aircraft Overhaul Services
o Aircraft Design and Manufacturing
o Mechanical Engineering
o Aviation Machinist
o Aircraft Maintenance Technician
o Aircraft Mechanics
o Aircraft Structures
o Aerospace Administration