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Aviation and Aerospace Specialist High Skills Major Program

The Algoma District School Board is offering an innovative program available for Grade 11 and 12 students. The Aviation and Aerospace Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Program allows students to focus their high school learning on the Aviation and Aerospace sector while meeting the requirements for secondary graduation. They will learn sector specific skills and knowledge in a hands-on, career related learning environment.

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Regular Board Meeting

Time: 7 PM – 9 PM
Location: ADSB Education Centre, 644 Albert Street East, Sault Ste Marie, ON
Jennifer Sarlo

Message from the Chair

(April 17, 2020)
On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I want to take this opportunity to reach out to our ADSB families and to say thank you for your patience, cooperation and efforts to help us provide you with resources to support your children, our students, during this unprecedented time. I know that there are various pressure points in your homes right now and that everyone is doing what they can to support their children’s needs and I want to reassure you that whatever you are able to do, is enough! Our students are resilient, so be assured that they will adapt and engage in their learning now and upon their return to school, whenever that will be. Thank you for what you are doing to creatively motivate and encourage them! If you have concerns about resources, please contact your school by phone or email, as staff are monitoring communications daily.

I also want to take a moment to recognize and thank our staff for their extraordinary efforts to engage with our students and families in these uncharted waters. I realize that our staff, too, are juggling competing needs within their own homes and families, and I appreciate their adaptability in creating time and space to engage with students online or through phone calls to support learning. Their extra efforts to meet the needs of families who do not have connectivity through technology are greatly appreciated!

Parents, I have enjoyed viewing the many creative videos and montages that our school staff have collaboratively created to encourage and connect with their students and school communities – I hope you have enjoyed them, too! Our staff is committed to connecting with your child to engage in learning conversations and we hope these on-going connections provide some reassurance for your children.

The adage says, “It takes an entire village” to support a child. These times have certainly demonstrated the truth in that statement and I want to acknowledge the “behind the scenes” work that goes on to support this “Learn at Home” initiative -- from our entire board office team, our education workers, our secretaries, custodians, bus drivers, plant department staff and of course you, the parents! It really does take a village and what a collaborative ADSB family community we have!

We will come out of this pandemic stronger for having worked together to overcome these challenges!
We are all proud to be … ADSB!
Stay safe! Stay healthy!
Jennifer Sarlo
Chair - Algoma District School Board
Director Reece

Message from the Director

Thank you for visiting our site and, by following this link, the Director’s Report!
As a teaching and learning organization, we embrace life-long learning and value opportunities to learn and work with and from one another, through collaboration and teamwork. As role models of life-long learning, we are committed to continuous improvement and to ensuring that we are using current, research-based practices to support success for all.
We provide our students with a large breadth of programs, as it is our goal to have a pathway for every learner. Our core priorities of Achievement, Well-Being, Engagement and Equity have kept us focused and motivated to be continuously improving, all while keeping students at the centre of our work. We support and celebrate the diversity of people and cultures as we work to ensure all learners feel welcome and safe in our learning and work environments. In addition to academic success, we promote character with pride, as we know that the combination of academic excellence and good character is essential to personal success.
The ever-changing world we live in reminds us of the necessity and importance of a strong, public education system. Thus, our mission, to graduate confident learners, caring citizens, is critical, as our students need to leave our schools confident in their ability to continuously learn, collaborate, innovate and create new knowledge, while possessing strong character and an understanding of who they are as contributing, caring citizens.
I hope you enjoy the stories and evidence throughout this report, that demonstrate our commitment to learning, continuous improvement, academic excellence and character.
Ancora Imparo (I’m still learning),
Lucia Reece


Confident learners, caring citizens.


In partnership with our stakeholders, the Algoma District School Board will create a collaborative learning community where all flourish as confident learners who see themselves as capable, self-directed and open to learning and as caring citizens who value good character and contribute positively to our communities.


We are guided by:
ADSB character traits; lifelong learning;
empathy; ethical relationships;
equity & inclusion; accountability