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Confident Learners, Caring Citizens​​​​

CARING pic1 pic2

I am CARING when…

  • I use kind words and kind actions
  • I look at a situation from someone else’s point of view
  • I treat others kindly
  • I am able to forgive others
  • I am concerned about how others feel
  • I express gratitude
  • I help take care of people in need
  • I think good thoughts towards others
  • I give to charity
​COOPERATION pic3 pic4

I show COOPERATION when …

  • I help others in need
  • I ask for help when I need it
  • I work together toward a common goal
  • I solve conflicts peacefully
  • I am a good leader and a good follower
  • I communicate well with others
  • I share
  • I respect others and their unique skills
​LOYALTY 5 6 I demonstrate LOYALTY when…
  • I stand by my family and friends
  • I honour my commitments
  • I am faithful
  • I respect myself and my values
  • I question to whom or to what I am loyal
  • I do not mistreat my friends
  • I am devoted to a cause
​RESPECT 6 7 ​I demonstrate RESPECT when…
  • I am polite
  • I appreciate the uniqueness of others
  • I have self-respect
  • I am considerate of others, animals and the environment
  • I do not abuse the property of others
  • I use my best manners
  • I treat others the way I like to be treated
  • I listen to a different opinion
​HONESTY 14 13 ​​I demonstrate HONESTY when…
  • I tell the whole truth
  • I do not steal
  • I do not cheat
  • I keep my word
  • I do not twist or exaggerate the truth
  • I do not deceive others with my words or actions
  • I am straightforward
  • I do not lie
  • I am honest with myself
  • I can be trusted by others
  • I mean what I say and say what I mean
​INTEGRITY 12 11 I demonstrate INTEGRITY when…
  • I  do the right thing
  • I am honest and sincere
  • I determine my values and waht matters to me
  • I am consistent
  • I am true to who I am
  • I do what I say I will do
  • I do not give in to peer pressure
  • I am able to be me​
​FAIRNESS 10 9 I show FAIRNESS when…
  • I treat others equally
  • I play fairly
  • I do not cheat
  • I am a good sport
  • I am able to take turns
  • I share with others
  •  I make fair decisions
  • I am impartial
  • I don’t let bias or prejudice influence my decisions
  • I do not discriminate
​COURAGE 8 7 I have COURAGE when …
  • I stand up for my rights and the rights of others
  • I face my fears
  • I do the right thing, even when it’s scary
  • I do not give in to peer pressure
  • I stand up for my beliefs and values
  • I am confident in my abilities
  • I am assertive
  • I don’t let my fears get in the way of my dreams
  • I am able to be different
  • I am dependable and reliable
  • I fulfill my obligations
  • I do what I know I should do
  • I reflect on how my actions affect me and others
  • I don’t put things off
  • I do what I say I will do
  • I am there for those who count on me
  • I am a good citizen
  • I accept the consequences of my actions
  • I do not give up easily
  • I encourage myself to keep trying
  • I am not afraid to fail
  • I strive for excellence
  • I set high goals for myself
  • I do not give in to hardship
  • I do not quit
  • I am patient
  • I maintain enthusiasm
  • I don’t succeed, I keep on trying
  • I set a good example for others
  • I help others help themselves
  • I think for myself
  • I am an inspiration to others
  • I know when to be a follower
  • I take charge of a situation
  • I listen well to others
  • I make good decisions
  • I plan
  • I take good risks
  • I organize
  • I have courage to follow my own path​
​CITIZENSHIP 2 1 ​I demonstrate CITIZENSHIP when …
  • I obey the laws and the rules
  • I participate in my community
  • I contribute to school
  • I am friendly and helpful to my neighbours
  • I am concerned about what happens in my community
  • I know my rights and responsibilities
  • I vote