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Parent Involvement Committee

The Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) is a parent's way to get involved in their child’s education.
A Parent Involvement Committee is like a school council for the school board. School councils focus on the local school and community. Parent Involvement Committees focus on things that affect more than one school. They also discuss issues that matter to parents across the school board. They do this by:
* Supporting parent involvement at the regional level
* Linking parents with the school board’s director of education and trustees.
The goal of the PIC is to:
* Seek the advice and ideas of school councils, other parents and partners
* Advise the school board on topics that matter to parents
* Plan and implement strategies to involve more parents at the regional level
* Parent Involvement Committees also assess how well the school board responds to parent concerns.

As a PIC member, you participate at the Board level and focus on things that affect more than one school.  In fact, the PIC is a direct link between parents and ADSB's director of education and the Board's trustees.  ​As part of School Council, you will offer opinions and advice on matters specific to your child's schools. 

Most members are parents and the committee is chaired by a parent. But the director of education and trustee representatives also sit on the committee. This helps communication flow both ways. It helps the school board communicate with parents and makes sure that parent voices are heard by the board.

Contact your local school, or the Algoma District School Board at 705.945.7111. Either one can put you in contact with your local Parent Involvement Committee.

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