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Parent Resources

​As parents, you play an integral role in teaching your child about CHARACTER.  As a Board, we are promoting “universal” character attributes that easily transcend different religious and cultural differences.  Teaching your child about CHARACTER is an effective way to support your parental values.   
​​We're Promoting Character With Pride!
17When we say that we are “promoting character” we mean that we are consciously and intentionally working to instill positive attributes  in our students.  We make every effort to recognize students who demonstrate an attribute that is fundamental to the development of “good character.”  
We are focusing on 12 attributes. Find out more about these attributes HERE.
All of the character traits have an accompanying illustration created by our own ADSB students! 
Discussing Character at Home
Here are some ways that parents can promote the concept of character at home:
  • talk about what “character” means with your child
  • praise your child regularly for demonstrating “good character” choices
  • relate the attributes of good character to T.V. heroes, movie characters or outstanding citizens that you know
  • share a newspaper/ magazine article in which good character is evident
  • talk to your child about people/relatives you know and admire, discussing which attributes they possess that you like most
  • refer to the future; make statements like “When you’re older and have a job…” or “That was a really nice thing you did for ______ , I bet she recognized what good character you have!”
​We will continue to add resources on this page which may help with starting conversations with your child(ren), so please come back often.
Why Teach Character Education?
Increasing students’ awareness of their  “character” helps them appreciate the workings of our society.  Sharing a moral and ethical heritage helps us to promote school as a community, and students as future citizens of an even larger community.  When we help students understand the core virtues of good character,  we are enhancing the quality of their lives and their communities.