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Surplus Property for Sale

(June 16, 2015) The Algoma District School Board (ADSB) has identified a number of properties surplus to the Board’s needs. In accordance with the Ontario Regulation 444/98 the properties were to be offered to prescribed agencies and organizations first (i.e. other school boards, municipalities, etc.). The regulation required a 90 day period for the prescribed organizations to respond with their interest in the properties.

Since there was no interest from the prescribed organizations, the Board has moved to the next phase within Ontario Regulation 444/98 for the sale of the property to other interested parties.

The Board has chosen to list some properties for sale through a Request for Offer process. Inquiries for property for sale by the Board can be addressed to Joe Santa Maria, ADSB’s Superintendent of Business at 705-945-7212. Other properties are for sale through a Real Estate agent (RE/MAX Sault Ste. Marie Realty Inc). Inquiries for properties for sale by RE/MAX Sault Ste. Marie Realty Inc. can be addressed to Sam Butkovich at 705-759-0700.