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Students new to Canada (English Language Learners)

Students and Families New to Canada Including English Language Learners
We welcome students from all across the world at Algoma District School Board. For students who come to our schools, we have a registration process that ensures we can provide the best programs and placements for each individual student.  You should follow the steps below if any of these circumstances apply:
• You’ve recently arrived in Canada from another country and you speak English or any other language as your first language.
• You are planning to attend as an international student visiting from another country.
Step 1:
Contact the Superintendent of Business. Based upon status in Canada, an assessment will be made regarding whether tuition fees will need to be paid.
Step 2:
If tuition is necessary, pay tuition in full.
Step 3:
Schedule a time to attend your local school (based upon address) to complete the following:
• Registration and Tour
• Family Interview
• Initial Assessment in Literacy and Numeracy
At the time of registration and assessment, programming options will be discussed including ESL and ELD program options and a start date will be given. Be sure to bring all necessary documents and school transcripts.