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Students new to Canada

Welcome to Algoma District School Board!
We welcome students from all across the world at Algoma District School Board (ADSB). For students who come to our schools, we have a registration process that ensures we can provide the best programs and placements for each individual student. 
Registration will take place at the ADSB Education Centre, 644 Albert Street East, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario for any student who:
•    is born outside of Canada 
•    is a permanent resident, refugee, or is accompanying a parent with a work or study permit
•    is new to Canada and has attended another school system in Canada 
•    is a Canadian citizen and whose first language is other than English
During your appointment we will provide you with information about ADSB schools and programs. An initial assessment in English and Mathematics may be completed so that we can provide supports for your transition to school in Ontario and recommend the best program to meet your language and learning goals.

Our team is here to facilitate a smooth transition for students and families entering our schools from outside of Canada. Our goal is for all students and families who are new to Canada to have a successful start to their education with ADSB!

Do you have any questions?
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