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ADSB Student Voice 2022

Welcome to ADSB Student Voice 2022!  The Algoma District School Board will be reaching out to students through census and well-being surveys to better understand the needs of students and school communities.  
The Algoma District School Board invites student participation in this survey to help us identify opportunities to improve our schools and make sure that students’ achievement and well-being are at the centre of everything we do.  We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment and listening to your concerns and aspirations!  The information gathered through ADSB Student Voice 2022 will helps us to better understand those we serve and assist us in future planning for resources and program.  Your help will guide meaningful change in order to improve student learning, growth and success in the coming years.
Students will be invited to participate in ADSB Student Voice 2022 throughout the month of November.
Students in JK-Grade 6: Parents/guardians will be invited to complete an online Student Census & Well-Being Survey, alongside their son/daughter, at home.
*Paper copies can be provided upon request.
Students in Grades 7 – 12: 
Students will be asked to complete an online Student Census & Well-Being Survey at school, in class.
Below are preview copies of the ADSB Student Voice 2022 Kindergarten to Grade 6 Survey and Grades 7-12 Survey.
Individual student and family information will be protected and kept confidential during this process.  The purpose of collecting the data is to identify patterns, trends and areas of interest, based on data collected for student populations and school communities.  Summary data will be reported to provide an understanding of school communities and their needs, but no individual student data will ever be reported. 
We invite all members of our school communities to learn more about the ADSB Student Voice 2022 surveys, and ask questions, at virtual Community Information Sessions.  Various ADSB sites in each community or geographic area will also be available for parents/guardians to attend these session in-person.  The sessions will be recorded and available through this website for future access.
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If you wish to review results and data highlights from the 2019 ADSB Census & Well-Being Surveys follow this link to "Every Voice Matters 2019."