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ADSB Technology Centre

New ADSB Technology Centre to be located at White Pines Collegiate & Vocational School
(October 26, 2021) Algoma District School Board reinforces the importance of offering skilled trades and technological instruction/programming for our students, recognizing that, in order for them to succeed in the ever-evolving trades industry, our programs, practices and learning environments need to be continually reviewed, updated and enhanced.
To this end, we have embarked on an exciting, multi-year project to design, renovate and refurbish the existing technical shops area at White Pines Collegiate & Vocational School.   Through a competitive process, IDEA Inc (Integrated Design, Engineering & Architecture) has been selected to partner as the architectural and engineering services firm for the White Pines project and SalDan Developments has been the successful applicant as the Construction Manager, in partnership with The Holmes Group (THG).                                           
            (Below): Preliminary conceptual exterior design from IDEA Inc. of the ADSB Technology Centre.
exterior of high school
The completed project will feature a new, state-of-the-art ADSB Technology Centre, capable of delivering traditional and cutting-edge technology and programming that will foster the development of new skills sets required in the industries and technologies of the future. A second and significant part of this unique initiative is a high-profile promotion of trades and technology to all students and the community.  
Mike Holmes and The Holmes Group Partner with ADSB to Support Programming
in Skilled Trades & Future Technologies
It is an exciting and substantial undertaking and as such, ADSB is very pleased to announce our partnership with skilled trades champion Mike Holmes and The Holmes Group who will join ADSB in a project consultant capacity.
With their expertise in trades and marketing, along with their international reach and recognition,father son daughter The Holmes Group is a valuable partner who will attract industry leaders to ADSB’s Advisory Council, a process which is currently under way.  Additionally, THG will provide consultation services to our design team and will assist in bringing forward innovative programming, design ideas and new initiatives to support training and learning. They will also help us celebrate successes in the trades by creating and sharing stories of graduates and students who have found their calling and success in the skilled trades. 
Mike Holmes, Contractor and TV Host shared. “This is an exciting project, exciting process and exciting commitment by the ADSB board to provide leadership in learning innovation and hands on training. I am thrilled about the team being put together and to help tell the story of value in a career in the skilled trades.” 
screen capture of mike holmes
ADSB Advisory Council 
At the same time, we are establishing an Advisory Council, whose mandate will be to consult and support initiatives, renovations and new construction identified by ADSB that support the promotion and development of the skilled trades and technology.   This Advisory Council will focus its attention and efforts on an initiative or project and is excited that the renovation and refurbishment at White Pines is the first.  
ADSB’s Advisory Council will include ADSB students, teachers and school administrators as well as a rotation of local, national and guest business community representatives, all of whom will be asked to support dialogue around skilled trades learning environments and to share their thinking and best practices around new and innovative ways to encourage students to participate and value careers in the skilled trades.
With their expertise in trades and marketing, along with their international reach and recognition, The Holmes Group is a valuable partner who will attract industry leaders to ADSB’s Advisory Council, a process which is currently under way. 
maker space
  (Above) Preliminary conceptual design from IDEA Inc. showcasing the Maker Space, a central part of the ADSB Technology Centre to be created at White Pines C&VS. 
director reece
Algoma District School Board Director of Education Lucia Reece shared her thoughts. “It is a privilege to have local, national and international experts collaborate with us to support student learning and innovative learning spaces.  Having this level of expertise at the table and available to our students is exceptional and unprecedented.  We want our students to graduate from our schools both excited about and prepared for their futures.  With projects like this one at White Pines, we know we are providing them that and more.”