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front cover of int brochureIn November 2020, the Algoma District School Board approved the move of the Intermediate Division (grade 7 & 8 students) from Central Avenue Public School and Esten Park Public School to the new Elliot Lake Intermediate Program to be housed in a dedicated wing of ELSS (the former Adult Education Wing) for September 2021.  Just over eighty grade 7 and 8 students from Central Avenue and Esten Park public schools will make the transition in the fall of 2021. 
We are now accepting registrations from any grade 6 or 7 student interested in joining the 7/8 Intermediate Program at Elliot Lake Secondary School for the 2021/2022 school year.
Follow this link to an online registration form.  Please register by March 12, 2021
NOTE:  Students from Central Avenue PS and Esten Park PS are already pre-registered and do not need to complete this registration form. 
Building the 7/8 Intermediate Program at ELSS
ADSB will incorporate the following measures to ensure and support the safety and well-being of our grade 7/8 students in the Intermediate program at the Elliot Lake Secondary School site. The Intermediate Program will have:
• Designated entrance limited to the Intermediate Program
• Separate wing
• Designated Washrooms within the Intermediate Wing
• Designated Intermediate Vice Principal and familiar teaching staff
• Additional Morning Supervision and planned morning bus drop-off
• Separate lunch hour
• Supervised and controlled movement to high school facilities
• Access to counselling services
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There were a number of factors that led to the decision to relocate the students.
One of the main reasons for moving ahead with grade 7/8 Intermediate programs in our secondary school sites is to allow for opportunities to enhance educational programs for grade 7/8 students as they make the transition to high school, such as:
• Reach Ahead opportunities, taking a grade 9 course while in grade 8
• X-Block – scheduled time each week, with entire class (students & teacher) working with a specialized secondary teacher in a specialized learning space (e.g. Tech, Music)
• Access Spaces – with elementary teacher, teaching for instance in a science lab
• Collaboration – elementary teachers working with secondary teachers
• Supported Transition to High School – teacher to teacher dialogue, student opportunities within the building, course option support and so on.
Central Avenue Public School is at capacity and Esten Park Public School is full. ELSS has a student population of three hundred grade 9-12 students. There is room at ELSS for both secondary students and intermediate students and there is capacity for growth of both programs in the future.
In February and March of 2020, prior to Covid-19 restrictions, School Councils from both elementary schools met with the Board to begin the conversation about the proposed move of intermediate students to ELSS. With input from the two school councils, Algoma District School Board next sought feedback, throughout November, from stakeholders at the three school communities involved. ADSB facilitated two virtual consultation meetings utilizing the online platform Thoughtexchange. Parents/guardians, staff, First Nation partners and elementary students in grades 6-8 were invited to participate using the online platform or through written submissions, to ask questions and to share their thoughts around opportunities, challenges and expectations about the relocation of grade 7 and 8 students to the Elliot Lake Intermediate Program at the ELSS site.
The French Immersion program will be maintained for the 7/8 students in the Elliot Lake Intermediate Program.
Special Education Services and programs will continue in the Elliot Lake Intermediate Program such that students with special education needs will have access to designated staff for support such as a SERT (Special Education Resource Teacher), and EAs (Educational Assistant) as appropriate.
Contact Information: 
Elliot Lake Intermediate Program 
Principal: Mr. Rick Juuti
Phone: 705-848-7162
Address: 303 Mississauga Ave.
Elliot Lake, ON
P5A 1E8