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eLearning Opt-Out Information 

(January 18, 2023) In February 2022, the Ontario Ministry of Education released a policy requiring all students to complete two (2) eLearning courses as a graduation requirement.  This new graduation requirement will impact high school students currently in grade eleven and below.  


eLearning has many benefits including the development of digital literacy skills, familiarity with online environments, and support for various pathways.  


While eLearning offers students a valuable opportunity, it may not be suitable for everyone.  An opt-out option is available which lifts the graduation requirement.  To opt-out of the eLearning program, the following form must be completed by a parent/guardian or student who has withdrawn from parental control.  A paper copy of this form is available through the Student Services office at your child's school. 


ADSB's eLearning Opt-Out Form

When the form has been completed successfully, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided.  No further action is required. 


Thank you for your involvement in making this informed decision to support your child's learning. 


Frequently Asked Questions
What is e-Learning?
e-Learning is a mode of learning where students take courses which are delivered asynchronously, or without a scheduled daily lesson. Teachers facilitate the course virtually through a secure platform (VLE – Virtual Learning Environment). e-Learning is a great opportunity available to students in the Algoma District School Board as this mode provides access to a multitude of courses to support student pathways, while providing flexibility in student timetables. This type of course also encourages the development of digital fluency, self-directed learning skills and transferable skills to support lifelong learning and employment opportunities.

Who teaches e-Learning courses?
e-Learning courses are taught by Ontario Certified Teachers who may be located in ADSB or in other school boards within the province. e-Learning is a great opportunity for our students to learn alongside students from other boards across Ontario and to be exposed to different styles of teaching and learning.

What courses can be taken in an e-Learning style?
During the 2022-2023 school year, ADSB is offering 24 courses via e-Learning in Math, Science, Business, Social Studies, English, Health, and Guidance/Careers. For a full list of courses available within the district or to learn more about courses available online from another school board, please visit the Guidance Office at your school.

e-Learning Graduation Requirement
In February 2022, the Ministry of Education announced a new graduation requirement for secondary school students. The completion of two e-Learning courses is now a requirement for graduation beginning with students who entered grade 9 in the 2020-2021 school year. The graduation requirement is intended to support students in developing familiarity and comfort with working and learning in a fully online environment, as well as developing digital literacy and other important transferable skills that will help prepare them for success after graduation and in all aspects of their lives. More information about the e-Learning graduation requirement will be available to students and parents/guardians during option selection.
If you're interested in taking an e-Learning course, contact your Guidance or Student Services department at your school. 

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